Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Thought I Knew

I thought I knew what love was when I was 17 and love meant driving my crappy boyfriend to work, even though I would be late for school. I thought it meant that I had to be controlled and bent to someone else's will in order to be loved by him. Thank God that ended in such a heinous way.

I thought I knew what love was at 22 and maybe I did. Maybe it was real. At least on my end. Definitely not on his. I thought our twin music tastes and his ability to rein in my crazy meant that it was "like totally forever" I thought I knew again at 25 when I was desperately trying to forget that he and I were truly done. I thought it meant alcoholic and crazy fights topped with doses of drama.

I thought I knew....

I was wrong. SO very very wrong.

Love is calling my friends (Unbeknownst to me) and making sure they check on me when my mom is in the hospital.

Love is walking me through a really painful situation and having my best interest at heart even though it must have hurt you tremendously to do so.

Love is waiting patiently while I find my way to you... Which somehow, you knew I would.

Love is not walking away.

Love is holding a bright pink bag while your woman fulfills her lifelong dream of throwing out a first pitch.

Love is asking my father for my hand in marriage.

Love is giving this lonely only child an amazing sister and a gaggle of meeces to spoil.

Love is gadddamn unconditional . . . As you continue to show me each and every day.

Love is making dinner for the week and making sure that I am well fed and taken care of.

Love is sharing your life with me, and giving me a host of wonderful friends.

Love is allowing me to be me,and staying by my side even though I'm bananas.

Love, quite simply ... is you.

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