Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Music Mania

Mondays are always a little bit manic for me... I usually don't get enough sleep on Sunday nights due to Sunday Night Insomnia... So last night I attempted to beat the insomnia and I just stayed out too late with my awesome friends, drinking tea at Starbucks... Talking about nothing... Talking about everything, solving the world's problems and discussing why I think Natural Born Killers is the most romantic movie ever made... (I'm kinda sick)
I listen to music all day at work, it's part of what makes my job awesome... I can throw on the headphones and just get lost... I have a few minutes left on my lunch and since the lunchroom is a madhouse, I thought I'd share the absolute random-ness that IS my taste...
I set my MP3 player to random and didn't adjust anything... No skippy skipping through any song... I just let it ride... The below list is what played from 7:30 this morning til about just now...
AFI-Silver and Cold
Chevelle-Still Running
Love & Rockets-Sweet Lover Hangover
Joan Jett-Do You Wanna Touch Me
The Jesus & Mary Chain-Just Like Honey
Dragonette-Pick Up The Phone
ATB-Fields Of Love
Tears For Fears-Change
INXS-Don't Change (The irony is not lost on me here)
Nine Inch Nails-Closer
The Shiny Toy Guns-Ghost Town
Jay Z-Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Love & Rockets-So Alive
The Cranberries-Dreaming My Dreams
The Deftones-Be Quiet And Drive
Mark Ronson/Ghostface Killah/Nate Dogg-Ooh Weee
And to top it all....
Superdrag-Feeling Like I do

So there's a little peeky boo into my weird little mind on a Monday....