Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Terrie Hughes + Mike Casey

So we packed my Mom's house today. When she gets out of the hospital, she won't be able to be on her own for a while so she's going to stay with my Auntie. Have I mentioned how awesome my Aunties are? Seriously, I have the most bitchin' family. The way my Aunts and Uncles come together when one of them falls ill is such a beautiful thing. My Dad was with us today and he was packing up Mom's office when he found her cosmetology book from when she was 18... and inside was written "Terrie Hughes + Mike Casey" My Pop came in and showed me the book and I immediately started bawling. My Papa just held onto me and told me how he would always love my Mom and how when they were kids, nothing could ever keep them apart. The other thing is, I write Joanna Loves Phillip on everything ever. Every work notebook I have, every journal . . . Everything has Joanna <3's Phillip written somewhere. I know how much I resemble my folks both in looks and personality, but to see little quirky things that she does that I do too; for some reason that just struck a major chord with me. I am so grateful, so full of love and gratitude for my family, for the bond that we share and for every single friend who gives me their support. Knowing that I'm not alone gives me peace.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Closing a Chapter

When I moved from sunny San Diego back to Las Vegas in 2006, my intention was to be here for a year . . . Yeah, it's been 9. Part of what happened was a massive career change. I was a server, a lifer and although it was hard and sometimes soul sucking I enjoyed it. Part of what I enjoyed about (and what I enjoy about life in general) was the people. Namely, the Zappos crew that would come in for lunch. Most of 'em Giants fans, which is always a good time for me ;-) After a year of waiting on these guys every day they told me to apply and come work for them. It was a scary decision, I was giving up easy money and the freedom of a serving job to go join the corporate world.

It's hard to put into words what my Zappos life has been. I feel like I've grown up here, I have so many memories here, and tomorrow I say goodbye. I feel bittersweet about all of it. While I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life and spend more time with my husband and family, I'm devastated to leave a grip of people and a "job" that means so much to me. 7 years is the longest that I've worked anywhere. I kept waiting for the ax to drop and it never did. I'll never forget when I interviewed with Jerry and he told me I'd need to change my email address from DodgerLover to something more acceptable, or when I got sent a Giants email that made my computer shut down, or traveling to Canada and New York and meeting so many great people along the way. Singing on stage at the Smith Center, and being able to do what I love and follow my passions has been an indescribable blessing.

Some of my co-workers have turned into best friends and one was in my wedding, shit without her insight and guidance who knows where I'd be. I thank God for the experiences that I've had here. Walking out that door tomorrow is going to annihilate me. There were many days that I felt like a shell of a person, and my team held me up and put me in a better mood. The one thing Zappos has always done well is get the best of the best and I'm going to miss working with the best.

So one more time I'm doing what's scary and uncomfortable. Leaving my safety net for the unknown. I need this time to be with my Mom, to reset my focus, and actually do wifey things like cook, maybe clean a little ;-) Whatever the future holds, I get to face it and I won't be alone.Like I said I grew up here. I fell in love with my husband while working here, I've experienced a wonderful life here . . . One that I am sad to see go. So, if you need a friends and family coupon now's the time to hit me up!!!