Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is my favorite time of year.. I love the Holiday season, I always have since I was little.. The excitement of winter.. the fun of Christmas.. The spoiled-rotten feeling I get around my birthday and the New Year.. Always bringing a ray of hope, a new beginning.. I just wanted to take a minute and go over all of the things in my life that I;m grateful for today.. and every day...
My sweet parents.. their never ending love and support over the years.. never giving up on me, always believing in me.. I fully believe that God spared me to save my folks from any more heartbreak.. I'm grateful for my recovery, the fact that I get to live a clean and sober life.. That the obsession to use and drink has been lifted from me.. I'm grateful for my friends.. every group has one and I am theirs :) Their unconditional love makes me smile every day.
My job.. my little front desk job that has turned into a career... I wake up every day overwhelmed with the blessing that has been thrown my way.. A place to lay my head every night.. food in my belly.. A car to drive, cigs to smoke and coffee.. Music that moves me.. Old friends & new ones.. Huge big bear hugs, inside jokes... butterflies... these are all things that make me smile.. A great new song that I have to play until I hate it..
The memories that I remember and those that I seem to have forgotten along the way.. The chance to travel & see our beautiful country.. Kisses in the rain :)The chance to do what my Grandad always told me to do.. ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!!!! We only get one.. it's too short not to spend every minute that we can with the people we love..
I have a rule.. when someone crosses my mind; I call, text, email, fb.. whatever.. they're on my mind for a reason.. THese are just some things that stay on my mind sometimes, things that make me happy to be alive.. Things that I don't take for granted..
What are YOU grateful for today?

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