Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad Bad Bad Bad Boys.. They Make Me Feel So....

I'm boy crazy...
I know this...
I have been for as long as I can remember.
But more than any other guy out there..
I'm a sucker for a nice cool glass of trouble.
I love 'em!
I'm never surprised at how they behave,
yet I always kick myself for getting caught up...
So, I thought I'd walk in, get my needs met...
Break a head board or two...
And walk away.
I knew what I was getting into with this guy,
So why am I at all surprised by the outcome??
Cause I'm a boy-crazy hopeless romantic!
He sat across from me on purpose...
Burned holes in me with his eyes for an hour..
We flirted, he texted... we played like that for a few days.
We met for coffee..
Walked in the park..
Solved the world's problems by the light of my dashboard & the sounds of Massive Attack..
It was nice..
But I KNEW..
I knew the place he was in, both emotionally & mentally...
And that place was completely unavailable..
Sweet guy, handsome as sin with lips like sugar
But I've never seen a mess so hot!
Over the last few weeks we've had some great nights and epic talks..
Facts are facts.. There's just too much that I don't know..
My suspicion is that he's just not that into me..
And I have needs.. of which he can only meet one..
And one just isn't enough for me anymore..
My other suspicion is that he is just not capable of showing up & I get that..
But me thinks I am lying to myself..
So, where was I wrong & what did I learn??
Am I hurt? Did I hurt him?
Did I inadvertently create some expectation?
Communication would help, but I refuse to contact him..
He knows where I am..
At least I knew what I was getting!
This guy made no front about who he was or where he stood..
I appreciate that honesty, which brings me to this..
A word of advice guys, be who you are!
Don't put up some front that you're a nice guy
Or that you want more than you do.
Dating is nightmarish enough without having to figure out where your head is at!
If you're not into me..
Suck it up, grow a pair & say so!
I'd rather have my feelings hurt than not know...
Not knowing IS no, but I'd still like a solid response..
I've spent too much time chasing & I'm done!
Somehow, we've allowed men to forget their role and became the ones doing all the work..
What happened to the chase???
I'm tired of twisting myself into knots...
Is he into me? Is he not? Is he gonna call?
Should I call??
It's enough to drive a sane person crazy!!!!
OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The single life is rough... and there's no end in sight!!
Wish me luck...
Maybe Mr. Right is under the very next rock.....



hahahah god I love your posts. Tres intelligent. I left you an award on electricfringe bc I think you're awesome:)

electric fringe

Joanna Blue said...

I just got this :) Thanks for the award missy!!