Friday, April 29, 2011

I Love L.A.

What a beautiful night!!! Walking into Dodger Stadium has always been a special experience for me... Hearing the sounds of batting practice, smelling Dodger Dogs on the grill... My heart always skips a beat, my pulse quickens... It's just exciting. It always has been... I can't remember a summer in my life where we haven't gone to that park & every year, it's all new again.
There's a ton of drama surrounding my beloved team right now & I hate it. I have an emotional attachment to this ball club that is borderline unhealthy & it saddens me to see all the crap going on right now with their ridiculous owner..
Moving on. Tonight's game was nothing short of incredible. Aaron Miles ( who I can't stand) actually hit very well! Dre extended his hitting streak to 25 games... Homeruns from Kemp & Uribe added some serious excitement... & I had everyone around me cheering for the kid, Jerry Sands.
It was a great game.
And then in the ninth... in comes big Broxton. My heart sunk. I don't have too much faith in him right now, but he needs the fan's support & I'll be damned, he got it. The whole stadium was on their feet cheering this guy on. He gave up 2 base hits & a run, but with 2 outs... Tony Gwynn Jr made the catch of the century... Broxton owes Gwynn a steak dinner for that grab tonight.
Dodgers won & it was a nail biter.... It always is against the Padres. Good or bad, thick or thin, I will always stand by this team.
I better get some rest, we got another one tomorrow...

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