Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Year....

One year ago today, a light went out in this world.... The Earth we walk became a little bit darker with the passing of Adam Goldstein. His death was shocking, and painful and sad. It made some of us question everything.. Here was a man who had been through hell, survived and lived to tell about it. Here was a man that despite, his physical pain, he managed to constantly help others.. He was an inspiration to me and I only met the man twice. I have no idea why I felt the connection with him that I felt or why his passing affected me so deeply. I fight the same demons that Adam fought and when I'm searching for peace, when I'm trying to make sense out of a senseless situation... My instinct is to look for reason. Finding logic is the only way that I can make peace with this. After some prayer and meditation, the logic that I found was this: Adam doesn't have to fight his demons anymore.. Adam's soul is at peace and we all carry him with us, no matter how well we each knew him. This man touched the lives of so many different people in ways that I don't even understand.
I have a friend who is very dear to my heart, who I believe is alive today because of Adam. AM showed my friend a new way of life and , I have no doubt that Adam was instrumental in this friend being alive today, for that, I am forever grateful.
I miss him. I wonder if he ever knew what joy he brought to the people around him. I wonder if he had any idea that he touched people that he never even knew (like me) whose lives changed dramatically because of his presence. I understand being angry at him, or thinking that he gave up.. I get it, but if you're holding on to that.. let it go. Relish in the memories that you have... embrace the lessons that he left and live his legacy.. Love God and help His kids. We weren't put on this planet for ourselves. We are here to be of service.. to help others along their path. We never know the full impact that someone has in our lives until they are gone. This life is temporary, our time here is short, so make it matter.
He never meant to leave us the way that he did, and I have no doubt that when his soul left this earth, that he was greeted with open arms and a "job well done". Rest In Peace.. You are missed and loved more than you ever knew...

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