Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Women Are An Optical Illusion

I've put some serious thought into this matter.... Stay with me! Every morning I wake up, (Hopefully!) rub the sleep from my eyes, shake the dreams from my hair and set about my morning routine. The woman that greets me in the mirror is not the same one that faces the world every day. The personality is the same, feelings, emotions, all the things that make me me are there... but she looks quite different from the person you see at work, at play, at the gas station.. Wherever! It begins with makeup and hair, I fight with my hair every day to straighten out the wave that I inherited from my father, or I use a ton of product to enhance the natural curl that my mother has graced me with. Either way, it's not real. The color has been changed multiple times in 16 years, I think it was light brown once, but since I was a freshman, it has been, blue, purple, red, blond and finally blue/black... Next is makeup, foundation to cover the blemishes that I never had as a teenager, but as an adult, they pop up almost daily.. Like a new friend.. Joy. Eyeshadow to enhance my eye color, lipstick to make them appear more puffy and kissable :) Who doesn't want more kissable lips right?! the next step is clothing, a heftily padded bra to make it appear as if I have much more of a chest than I actually do.. Clothes that work for my curvy figure and last but certainly not least are shoes.... I stand 5'10" barefoot (according to my drivers license :)) and I tend to wear heels that make me about 6'2" or so... The girl who walks out the door is a tall, svelte made up lady who is ready to take on the world, she looks far different from the one who just woke up.
Why do we do it? Why do we put on the war paint and head out to do battle? Well, because it is a battle out there, we're fighting for jobs, men, to be taken seriously.. all of these things. We also feel better when we can out on a face and face the world.. Pardon my redundant use of the word face...
The illusion creates confidence, helps us to nurture that little girl inside who liked to play dress up. This past week, I was in close quarters with a guy who is prety special, and the idea of him seeing me without makeup was horrifying at first.. Until I realized that silliness was all in my head..
No matter how we face the world, we are all beautiful creatures of light. Women are magic and mystery, a pretty package to be unwrapped and discovered.. At the end of the day, when the pretty clothes come off, the war paint has been washed and my jammies are on, I realize that I'm just as comfortable with myself as I was before..
Weird food for thought, I've been going back and forth with this one for quite some time.

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